The Critics

Mike (the hubby):  He will eat everything I cook and tell me it tastes great whether or not it deserves that description.  I have to give him the look that let’s him know it’s okay to be honest and confirm that I won’t go middle-aged-housewife-crazy on him. The first clue that he doesn’t “care for” something? He leaves food on his plate.

Rachel (daughter A):  She is the oldest of my bunch. She’s also the one that’s always hungry and that will try ANYTHING (gotta love that!). She is my true gamer of the offspring.

Maddie (daughter B):  She is the teen that will not let the piles of food on the plate touch and eats food in order (one pile, then the next pile, etc.). She will barely try anything green, anything that looks suspicious or anything covered in sauce (I have to put it on the side. Remember the movie, When Harry Met Sally? Yep, that’s her). I consider the meal a complete success if she eats it and declares it delicious!

Jack (son/mini-Mike):   He is the youngest and is aspiring to be like Rachel in the food bravery department, but does have Maddie moments. He’s just like his father and always tells me everything looks, smells and tastes delicious even when he thinks otherwise. His tell? Same as his father’s – he leaves food on his plate.

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