Mr. & Mrs. Foodie Go To Wine Country

Maybe some of you have been wondering where I’ve been this week (or maybe not!).  Well, the hubby and I were away on our annual VWK (vacation without kids) and this year we went to Sonoma Valley, CA. 

We stayed in this lovely rental (Rose Cottage) in the heart of Sonoma care of my very generous aunt and uncle.


The trip was wonderful even though it rained every single day with the exception of the last day (of course). It was just like we left it twenty years ago – I’m serious. All of our honeymoon photos are of us standing in the rain, mist or fog. But, we still had fun!

For this trip, it was my intention to document how we ate and drank our way through Wine Country, but something happened. I, um, was so excited to try the dishes that were presented to me that I didn’t think about taking a picture until I was halfway through my meal! Every time. I’m clearly blinded by food. I don’t know what else to say.

However, I am going to try to recreate our gastronomic adventures as best I can – there is a lot of good food to be had in Sonoma!

When we first arrived, we were starving since we’d been in a plane all day and a burger sounded really good to both of us. We went to Sonoma Square looking for a burger and we landed at the Harmony Lounge. We were lucky – on the happy hour bar menu was a hamburger, garlic fries and onion rings! My husband declared that those fries were the best he had ever eaten. For me, the onion rings were some of the best I’ve had in a while (or it could have been because we were starving from having been in an airplane/airport for 9 hours without much food!).

The next day we started our adventure with a wine tasting at the Benziger Winery (delicious!) and then followed that with a lunch at the Saloon at the Jack London Lodge. What you need to know is that 20 years ago we stayed in Glen Ellen, CA for our honeymoon and had the best hamburger we’ve ever had, the Jack London burger.  So, we went back for a stroll down memory lane – of course, the Jack London burger no longer exists (20 years is a long time in restaurant years). We settled for a Wolf House burger instead (I swear we really don’t eat burgers every day) and it was very tasty.


We followed that with a trip to the Kaz Winery for a tasting and then a trip to the Sonoma Cheese Factory to pick up “picnic” snacks for dinner.

That was just the first day! Where else did we go?

Saturday, March 26th:

We watched the Butler Game at a local bar (think “Norm” and Cheers), Steiner’s Tavern.  Go Bulldogs!

We did a tasting at one of the coolest wineries and tasting rooms that we have ever been in – Buena Vista Carneros Winery. This winery hasn’t changed much in twenty years – we were glad to see that.  If you are ever in Sonoma – don’t miss this one.


For dinner, we went back to the Sonoma Square and had our meal at the Meritage Martini Oyster Bar & Grille.  I remembered to take pictures (kind of!) I had already eaten some of mine, but I went ahead and took the photos.  I had the chicken ravioli and Mike had the lobster stew. This meal was soooooooooo yummy. I really recommend this place.

Sunday, March 27th:

We ate lunch at this really unique place, Sage Fine Foods & Provisions which is located at Cornerstone Sonoma.  We both had the most amazing salads (again, sorry about the lack of pics) we have ever had – they use locally grown food and everything was so FRESH.  Cornerstone Sonoma is a combination of wine tasting, shops, gardens and food that I’ve haven’t seen anywhere else.  My favorite shop was Artefact Design & Salvage – you need to check it out.

Guess what was across the street?  Well, the Gloria Ferrer Winery – it is one of the few wineries that makes sparkling wines. This winery is on the most beautiful piece of property – I’m not sure our pictures will do it justice since it was cloudy.


For dinner, we cooked in the cottage – baked salmon in balsamic dressing and roasted asparagus in olive oil and lemon juice.  Simple & yummy! 

Monday, March 28th:

This was our last day and we ventured into Sausalito and San Francisco.  Believe it or not, it was the perfect sunny day! At least we got one :).  We enjoyed a wonderful lunch in Sausalito at the Spinnaker – we had a beautiful view of the bay and the seafood was terrific.  It was a great way to end our vacation!

7 thoughts on “Mr. & Mrs. Foodie Go To Wine Country

  1. Hi Jenni – I can so relate! We once planned a whole itinerary around the Scottish Highlands to fit in dinner at this one particular place that had to be booked well in advance. I didn’t take any pictures but the planning ahead was well worth it! (I also think that a bit of rain and mist can be quite romantic on a VWK!!)

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